Nom de marque : Marque pour un freelance ingénieur (brief international)

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Contexte du projet

Hello les créatifs !

Nous vous proposons une création de nom pour un cabinet de consulting en software.
C’est un cabinet qui travaille pour des services financiers de grandes ou petites entreprises mais aussi des ONG.

Le but de la marque est de créer une émotion et d’attirer les clients potentiels, mais aussi encourager les clients existants au bouche à oreille sur nos services.


Le nom doit être compréhensible en anglais.
Nom professionnel et friendly : sérieuse et en même temps accessible.
Les valeurs à véhiculer sont : respectable, ouvert, chaleureux. En effet, il est aussi nécessaire d’instaurer une relation de proximité avec les ONG et les petites entreprises.
Contraintes : Deux mots maximum
Interdits : Abréviations, Initiales, « Services » ou « Solutions ».

Pas de recherche sur .com et .fr

Bonne créativité !


Name of parent organisation :


Describe your companys market, positioning and service :

I have worked as a Freelance Software Engineer and Consultant for the last year and a half. A significant number of my clients are in the NGO (non-profit) space. I specialize in Ruby on Rails and Javascript applications . I’ve done work for financial services firms, family foster agencies, heavy equipment manufactures, PR Agencies and startups, and may soon be working with a research group at a prominent university.

My goal with this branding is to “produce emotion and spur action” in potential clients, as well as to encourage existing clients to share our website/ media with their contacts. I would like to find a name/ image that is professional enough for a corporation like Bloomberg to take me seriously, but friendly and approachable enough for a small non-profit in upstate New York to trust and feel comfortable working with me.

Many similar corporations use a suffix like firm, labs, or creative — which I am open to.

NOTABLE CLIENTS (note: I have not necessarily built the websites listed here, but rather built some piece of software for these clients): (
-Soilmec North America (
-[Research Team at] Columbia University (
-Family Foster Agencies

Target audience :

My clients are generally small-medium sized start-ups, firms or non-profit organizations.

Competitors names :

Pivotal Labs (, Surge (, Maker Studios (,

Tone of communication :

Personable and friendly, accessible to all, calm and reassuring .

Keywords associated with the project :

respectable, open, warm

Creative direction

Language of the name :


Examples of names that are liked :

Verizon Wireless — sounds like Horizon, gives image of reliability. Is memorable. Explains what the company does in the name.
Starbucks Coffee — Is memorable. Easy to pronounce. Explains what the company does in the name.
Pivotal Labs — Name suggests that it is a studio of sorts from where exciting new things might emerge.
Nike — the greek goddess of victory, perfect for an athletic equipment manufacturer

Examples of names that are not liked :

Twilio — don’t know the correct pronunciation from how it is written
Capgemini — hard to pronounce
Booz Allen Hamilton — This sounds like a law firm — no mention of technology
SAP Services — Initials
Infosys Consulting Inc. — reminds of Initech from the movie office space. I imagine it would be boring and possibly frustrating.

Elements that must appear in the name :

No restrictions

Limit on the length of the name :

two words or less

Availability of the requested domain name :

Should not be dependent on domain name.

Recommendations and Requirements :

Of all existing companies I’ve considered, Pivotal Labs is my favorite.

Prohibited features :

Abbreviations, Initials, « Services, » « Solutions, »


Date de lancement du projet
16 juin 2015 17:00

Début de la phase de création
18 juin 2015 17:00

Date de clôture du projet
28 juin 2015 17:00


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